I’m Rina, a wellbeing advocate, coach, Yoga teacher and a healthy-living enthusiast.
I am passionate about balanced, holistic health; mental, physical and spiritual.

I have been hosting Detox/Cleansing Weekends, Worldwide Retreats, Private Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching, Holistic Rehabilitation programs and private Detox sessions since 2006. The retreats are run with an experienced and supportive team to provide a light-hearted, sociable and nurturing experience.

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“No other course or teacher has persuaded me to commit before but Rina’s style seriously over-delivers and exceeds expectation. It is difficult to know how best to describe her as she encapsulates so much but certainly she is a tremendously knowledgeable and inspirational source.”

Jessica Fallon, Bath

“Forget the free and connecting yoga, forget the delicious, highly nutritional shakes and meals, forget the beautiful, birdsong-filled, natural surroundings….what you have in this retreat is spiritual advice offered with insight and love, freedom of heart and mind and a solid platform to build again. Perfect.”

Nina Edmond, Bristol

“As a long time practitioner of yoga, I take great joy in discovering teachers like Rina who recognize the sacredness of this practice. Her passion for transformation, wealth of knowledge and a depth of presence serve as a beautiful foundation upon which humor, levity and love prevail. Deep bow.”

Ryan Seaman, Producer & Writer, Los Angeles