“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” Joseph Campbell


The pace of life is speeding up. Our nervous systems respond to this by increasing the level of adrenaline – a stress hormone – in the body. Wellness coaching, yoga and a healthy diet and lifestyle cannot change the external environment but they will enable you to cope with it gracefully.

Through my wellbeing coaching I empower my clients to make lasting lifestyle changes; enabling them, in a joyful, lighthearted way, to attain their highest potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

I teach people how to develop a healthy relationship with food – how to plan, shop, and to shift to cleaner eating, thinking and living with nourishing whole foods that taste delicious.

The wellbeing coaching can either be via telephone or Skype.

Wellness coaching will help you learn how to:

• regenerate your body – feel & look younger
• regulate your weight
• build your self-esteem and confidence
• free your energy, creativity and positivity
• release harmful toxins
• strengthen your immune system
• bring about deep relaxation & a sense of wellbeing
• enhance your strength, vitality & mental clarity

“Rina has taught me endless ways of improving my hotel and my own lifestyle and wellbeing. Nothing that leaves you hungry or feels like an effort to do. I have made so many tiny little healthy changes to my day because of this knowledgable and wise lady. I am happier and healthier as a result of many privileged days with Rina.”

Chloe Gibbs, Eco Hotel Owner, Brazil

“I’ve had a series of wellness sessions to support me in a process of ‘breakthrough’ and not ‘breakdown’. We’ve talked, done different restorative yoga positions, talked through different rituals that I can incorporate into my daily routine and diet. I am convinced this was one of the most important things I have done to help myself get through a period of depression after a difficult separation. Further after years of working too hard, it has been great to stop and look at myself, my health and my feelings.”

Max, Financial Advisor, London