19th to 22nd APRIL 2019

West Lexham, Norfolk

Easter Bank holiday – 4 days, 3 nights; 4pm Friday to 10am Monday
1.25 hr from Kings Cross, see their website here

Spring is the best season for a quick liver cleanse; for rest and renewal.
Join us for a yogic Spring Cleanse Retreat in a stunning eco Manor House for a 4 days of relaxation, inspiration and rejuvenation.

The Retreat

In this retreat you will deepen your yoga practice, exploring physical, mental and spiritual balance through movement and breath.
We will cook and eat together learning how food can nourish our bodies and balance our entire selves.
We will reconnect with nature and with our natural selves.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who would like to spend a weekend in nature; learning about wellbeing, healthy clean food and Yoga. Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.

Let yourself be nourished.
Let yourself go inwards and explore the places that need attention.
Let yourself acknowledge that this inner work is intrinsically linked to service beyond ourselves.

My retreats combine structure and space to just be; action and relaxation; opportunity for learning and reconnecting; opportunity for reflection.

They start on Fridays at 4pm (it’s okay to be late, just let me know) and finish at 3pm on Sunday.


Beautiful, organic, seasonal, and where possible, local food is central to every retreat.
Nourishment is a core element of my work and the retreats include guidance and education of how you can use food to rejuvenate the self.
During our time together you will learn how to prepare superfood shakes, smoothies, cook healthy delicious food, including raw chocolate and turmeric shots (all sugar, gluten, animal protein free).



Teaching yoga is a joy I have had the opportunity offer guidance on the mat for the last 13 years. During the retreats I offer supportive playful classes suited to beginners as well as those who have spent more time on a yogic path. The classes focus on the liver and lymphatic system meridians using vinyasa and restorative yoga, and breathing exercises to regenerate and support the nervous system. We will also look at companion breathing exercises to help alkalize the body and stimulate the liver function.
We will finish the sessions with meditation or Yoga Nidra, an ancient form of deep relaxation to set intention and release deep tensions.
You can read more about my style of yoga here


A Typical Day

08.30-09:00: Superfood shake
09.00-11.00: Morning breathwork, Vinyasa yoga & Yoga Nidra
11.30-13.30: Preparing and eating raw & cooked lunch
13.30-14.30: Silent walk, private consultation, treatment or just time to chill out
14.30-15:00: Tea & raw snack break
15.00-16.00: ‘Healing Living Kitchen’ class
16.00-17.00: More treatments to pamper yourself / free time
17.00-18.30: Restorative/Yin yoga & meditation class
18.30-20.00: Food preparation & delicious vegan meal
20.30-21.30: Yoga Nidra / meditation / movie

The Venue

West Lexham Manor is a stunning family run retreat centre, on a 21 acre slice of Eden, set in a protected valley with the cleanest 160 chalk streams in the world . The estate is an eco-friendly paradise, run on over 90% renewable energy and full of wildlife.
It is the perfect venue to unplug and give yourselves the gift of time together away from the bustle of day to day life.

The Accommodation

Rooms: £455 shared triple, £485 shared twin, £595 single. More details can be found here

To reserve your place, use the PayPal button to pay a deposit of £165:

* The deposit is refundable if cancellation notice is given with more than 2 weeks notice of the event, minus a £45 administration fee. The deposit is 100% non-refundable if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the event.

“Forget the free and connecting yoga, forget the delicious, highly nutritional shakes and meals, forget the beautiful, birdsong-filled, natural surroundings….what you have in this retreat is spiritual advice offered with insight and love, freedom of heart and mind and a solid platform to build again. Perfect.” Nina Edmond, Bristol

“Rina’s weekend retreat was beautifully tailored to the season; from the golden autumn walks, to the lovingly prepared, delicious, organic, harvest food. The weekend was a perfect balance of rest and activity, with plenty of fresh country air. Rina is a gracious host, compassionately inspiring others to seek what they need to fulfil their joy. After a weekend of bliss, I feel nourished and loved.”
Tania Clentworth, Berkshire

“Rina’s lighthearted and playful approach is balanced with a serious dedication to teaching that can help students of all levels deepen their practice.Her multidisciplinary approach and skillful instruction creates a strong connection between our experiences on the mat within the larger context of our lives. Rina is able to transmit the timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions as well as get us up to date on the latest scientific research helping people achieve a modern and comprehensive understanding of our personal health and collective well being.”  Ben Kappel, Louisiana

“As a long time practitioner of yoga, I take great joy in discovering teachers like Rina who recognize the sacredness of this practice. Her passion for transformation, wealth of knowledge and a depth of presence serve as a beautiful foundation upon which humor, levity and love prevail. Deep bow.”
Ryan Seaman, Producer & Writer, Los Angeles

“No other course or teacher has persuaded me to commit before but Rina’s style seriously over-delivers and exceeds expectation. It is difficult to know how best to describe her as she encapsulates so much but certainly she is a tremendously knowledgeable and inspirational source.” Jessica Fallon, Bath